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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a small local business who is having difficulties in finding locally trained engineers to fill roles which are available in my company. This skill shortage is affecting the growth of my business and as a result, we are considering employing overseas

Yes, the ability to sponsor an overseas national may be available to your firm. There are a number of criteria which the company must meet to be able to sponsor overseas nationals however, the outcome is not dependent on the size of your company. Our office would be more than happy to assess if your company could meet the criteria to be granted the ability to sponsor overseas nationals.

2. I am currently employed by a company in Australia and hold a Temporary Business visa (Subclass 457) which is sponsored by them. Some of my friends have recently acquired permanent residence with their sponsor's support and I was wondering if this would b

Yes, an option may be available to you and any accompanying family members to obtain Australian Residence with the support of your current employer. I would recommend that you contact our office to discuss your options directly.

3. I am currently in Australia as the holder of a Working Holiday visa. Is it possible for a company to sponsor me for a further visa which would allow me to work for them directly for a period of time?

It is possible to apply for a Subclass 457 visa in Australia whilst holding a Working Holiday visa. There are skill requirements which you must meet to be eligible for this visa and the company must also meet certain business markers to be eligible to support or sponsor this application. Our office would be happy to provide a FREE assessment of the options available to both you and the company involved.

4. My parents are currently overseas and would like to relocate to Australia permanently. Are there any options available to them?

Yes, under the migration program at the moment there are options available to parents of Australia citizens or permanent residents. There is substantial criteria which needs to be met for your parents to be eligible which not only relates to you but also to any siblings you may have. Our office would be more than happy to provide a FREE assessment of whether this option is possible under your particular circumstances.